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Nathan Knight

Im Nate, im 15 and im a Sophmore in High School(2023), and im pansexual. I started programming about 4 years ago when I found a program called Unity what inspired me to learn how to make a game, that spiraled off into a huge tree, the next four years I would be learning 11 diffrent programming languages and be working on 1000 diffrent projects. I love coding and fixing problems so much, and thats why im hoping to go for a Computer Science degree in college. Im glad you read this and learned more about me! if you want to contact me for business reasons, or just to talk, my social media is at the bottom of the page!

Contact Info


natelyleknight@gmail.com natelyleknight@spikeyt.com

Social Media

Snapchat: nater.potater97
Discord: Thermionic#7421
Reddit: u/TheIronSpike
Github: nater0097