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About Me!


Below are some of the stuff I specialize in, such as stuff that I code, stuff that I create, and stuff that I love, so please go check some of it out!

Minecraft Modding

I create a viority of modifcations for the popular game Minecraft, I code them in the programming language Java, they range from weapon mods to wacky mods such as a mod for soap.

Discord Bot Development

I create a bunch of Discord Bots, such as GateKeeper and Miku, they are made in JavaScript and they consit of an awesome moderation bot, and a multipurpose confession bot.

Discord Servers

I own and moderate a bunch of Discord Servers, such as some LGBTQ servers called Gaybies, and The Moonlight Bar, they allow fellow LGBTQ+ people to feel free and accepted for who they are.


I create a bunch of diffrent youtube channels and videos, such as LonleyVibes, a 24/7 lofi stream, or Thermionic, where I post dev logs and gaming videos.

Recent Projects

Discord Bots


GateKeeper is a discord moderation bot that gives server owners more moderation powers by allowing more indepth verification and punishments.


Minecraft Mods


TrinityWeapons is a Minecraft Forge mod for 1.13.2-1.16.2, its a mod that adds tons of new and exciting weapons into the game such as the katana or the battle axe, it has over 250 thousand downloads and I hope it gets many many more.


Discord Servers


Gaybies is a LGBTQ+ Discord server, thats welcoming to everyone no matter of gender, race, or sexual orientaion, we try to make those people who arent accpeted feel accepted and loved for who they are.




Thermionic is my YouTube channel where I post dev logs, gaming videos, and a bunch of diffrent kinds of content, so go check it out!


Contact Info


natelyleknight@gmail.com natelyleknight@spikeyt.com

Social Media

Snapchat: nater.potater97
Discord: Thermionic#7421
Reddit: u/TheIronSpike
Github: nater0097